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What if you could take your favorite designs from different homes and blend them into your ideal residence? With the help of JW Thomas Home Builders LLC, this is possible. We're licensed and insured to provide high-quality custom home building services in Roebuck & Woodruff, SC.

Have questions about your project? Our custom home builder is here to help you during every step of the new construction process, from designing the home to completing the final product. Contact us today to get your questions answered efficiently.

How can we help with your new construction project?

How can we help with your new construction project?

High-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail are guaranteed when you hire our crew in Roebuck & Woodruff, SC. We provide a wide variety of custom home building services, including:

Amenity installations - Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC systems | Custom showers
Exterior construction services - Footers | Walls | Framing | Roofing | Garages
Interior construction services - Stairs | Flooring | Drywall | Painting | Trim

Take the first step toward completing your new construction project - call 864-384-0871 now to speak with our custom home builder about your needs.